Zepto Ultra Fluorescent Microspheres

Cytodiagnostics Zepto™ Ultra Fluorescent Microspheres are optically encoded with unique fluorescent labels with several advantages over classical fluorescent dye labeled beads such as reduced propensity for photobleaching, narrower emission peaks and improved multiplexing capabilities.

Beads are available with two different surface chemistries, i.e. carboxylated and with a patent pending metal-coat for conjugation of biological molecules using carbodiimide coupling chemistry and straightforward high affinity adsorption, respectively.


  • Single Excitation Source for Multiple Colors
  • Sharp Emission Peaks (FWHM=30nm)
  • Extremely Bright and Photostable
  • Ideal for Multiplex Assay Development
  • Straightforward Conjugation of Biological Molecules

Figure 1. Fluorescent microscopy image of a mixture of Cytodiagnostics 450nm525nm and 665nm emitting Zepto™ Ultra Fluorescent Microspheres. Beads were excited using a single UV laser (405nm) and the image acquired using a color camera.

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