Gold Nanorods

In addition to our functionalized spherical gold nanoparticles Cytodiagnostics is proud to offer functionalized gold nanorods. These particles are available with either methyl (methoxy), carboxyl or amine terminated groups and in three different aspect ratios. The available aspect ratios give rise to longitudinal major surface plasmon absorption peaks of 650nm, 700nm and 770nm, respectively.

Our amine and carboxyl coated gold nanorods can conveniently be used for conjugation of biological molecules such as antibodies and other proteins while methyl terminated rods are ideal in applications requiring minimal non-specific adsorption to the gold nanorod surface.  

Cytodiagnostics gold nanorods are extensively purified after synthesis resulting in particles with only very minor contaminants from manufacturing that might interfere with downstream applications. 

PEGylated Gold Nanorods Overview

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