Silver Enhancement Kits

Cytodiagnostics offers two type of silver enhancement kits for amplification of gold and silver nanoparticle labeled samples in blotting and microscopy applications. These kits are suitable for applications such as Western Blots/dot blot assays, and immunohistochemistry, respectively. Our silver enhancement kits offer down to picogram level of detection of gold nanoparticle conjugate labeled samples while maintaing a low background.

Amplification of the gold nanoparticle label is a result of deposition of silver on the gold nanoparticles surface during the reaction (making it larger) and increases the sensitivity of gold nanoparticle conjugate labeling up to 1000-fold in blotting procedures. In addition, silver enhancement allows visualization of gold nanoparticles using standard bright-field microscopes.


  • Western Blot or dot blotting using gold conjugate probes
  • Southern blot using gold conjugate probes
  • Immunohistochemistry using gold conjugate probes
  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

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Kit for silver enhancement of gold conjugate labelled samples for light microscopy and electron microscopy applications.
Kit for silver enhancement of gold conjugate labeled samples on membranes.