Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) - Analytical Service

Dynamic Light Scattering Results Analytical ServiceDynamic light scattering (DLS) is a common analytical technique for measuring the average hydrodynamic size (z-size) as well as the size distribution and aggregation status of particulate samples. Although many times thought of as a tool for pure particle analysis (e.g. nanoparticle analysis), DLS can also be used to determine the molecular weight of recombinant proteins, and to study their stability in various buffers and other storage conditions.

DLS is a powerful analytical tool used in many diverse areas and industries ranging from pure materials applications (e.g. ceramics) to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields.

As a part of our services offering Cytodiagnostics can analyze your samples using our in-house Horiba Nano Particle Analyzer SZ-100 dynamic light scattering instrument. 

We offer affordable rates as well as fast turnaround times. If you have samples that need to be analyzed, or are simply interested in more information, please contact our customer service department today.

Various type of analysis commonly requested by our customers:
  • Determination of particle size and distribution (0.5 nm to 8 um)
  • Determination of protein molecular weight (1 x 103 to 2 x 107 g/mol) 
  • Recombinant protein stability tests
  • Colloid stability studies
  • Particle and protein aggregation studies

Perform dynamic light scattering (DLS) analysis at our local facilities

At Cytodiagnostics we also always welcome both academic and commercial customers who would like to perform their own sample analysis at our facilities. We offer great hourly rates and have an accessible location just off the QEW/403 in Burlington putting us less than an hour drive from customers in both the Hamilton and Toronto area.  

Please contact our customer service department for more information.